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Here are some links to other websites that we think you might enjoy. These may include links for other clans who are friends of McN. Check 'em out!

Steam, a gaming network where you'll find many McN members.

The_QuakR's YouTube channel (Gamers4rLife). See videos of other games I like to play. Also the official YouTube channel of the Serious Sam clan {FTO}.

The_QuakR's Twitter. This is my home on Twitter for the {FTO} clan in Serious Sam, but is also a source for other gaming news.

Gaming Fan Site: Quakr's own website dedicated to some of his favorite video game titles, old and new. Quake 3 Arena section pending.

{FTO} Clan Site - Official site for the Serious Sam clan founded by The_QuakR aka {FTO}-=SHADOW=-.

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