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Quake III Arena The clan started out in Quake III Arena. We used to play mostly Excessive Mod, but now it is primarily Epic Mod. The game was created by Id Software, and is mainly a multiplayer deathmatch game. Four different game modes can be played: Free For All, Team Deathmatch, Tournament, and Capture the Flag. In addition to these multiplayer modes, there is also a singleplayer deathmatch campaign with AI bots. These bots make pretty good practice if you don't want to just jump right into the online action. The mission pack (Quake III Team Arena) offers three new game modes. They are One-Flag CTF, Overload, and Harvester. New weapons and powerups are also available. McNutty is not as active in Team Arena as it is in Q3A.

Counter-Strike: Source More recently, McN members have become active in Counter-Strike: Source, the hit team-based multiplayer shooter from Valve. CSS is actually a remake of the original Counter-Strike. There are numerous game modes that pits two teams against each other (Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists) to try to be the first to complete a mission objective. Since moving into CSS, many members, even those not playing CSS, have also become part of the Steam network, so clan hopefuls should consider getting a free account there as well if they don't already have one. There is a link to Steam in the Links page.

This page will be updated in the future to include server information for people to come join the fun.

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