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The team was founded in March 2003 by [McN]KABOEM and [McN]Mosquito. Since then, the clan grew in quick order, and has seen dozens of members, and even more welcome guests come to the servers to enjoy some good fragging. We are players of all skills, age brackets, nationalities. Our primary goal is to have fun and to show grace in victory and defeat.

We started out originally playing mostly in Quake III Arena's Excessive Mod, but we made the gradual transition over to Epic Mod. Today, McN is active not just in Q3A, but not also largely in Counter-Strike: Source.

This is actually the third website that McN has had. Our first site was provided to us by Mosquito beginning in 2003. A few years later,
[McN]Bones provided us with a new site up until a couple years ago. After a hiatus, we are back with this site, designed and developed by [McN]The_QuakR.

Who are the clan leaders? Well, you might say we are all leaders. You might say no one is. The truth is, McNutty does not recognize official leadership, as we believe that every member of the family contributes in a major way. There you have it, a bit of a more detailed overview of the clan and its history. Remember that we are open to new members, so don't forget to check out the rules and joining sections if you are interested in membership. Also check out our forum. You will find more content there, including a place for other clans to challenge us to team fights. Good hunting people!

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